How to Create Full Bodied Success Mastery with Avital Miller

Feb 9, 2022

How can you achieve full-bodied mastery for success and enjoyment for life? What is the relationship between willingness and willpower? Why should you be mindful of who you listen to?


From Program Manager at Microsoft to award-winning author of Healing Happens and international keynote speaker, Avital Miller has passionately shared spiritual, healing, and dance programs to thousands of people worldwide for over 15 years. Avital helps people feel a touch of love in their hearts, joy in their spirits, and peace in their minds.

She is a certified energy healer, healing breakthrough consultant, former Yoga and Fitness Teacher, and graduate of Washington University with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering and a Major in Dance.

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  • Go with the flow of life
  • Do not listen to everyone or everything
  • Willpower for your life
  • Do what you can do
  • “What is the gift?”

Go with the flow of life

Have dreams, goals, ambitions, and desires, but marry them with a level of ease and trust that things will work out how they need to.

Life is in constant flux, a push and pull, and people can enjoy life more when they allow themselves to be led as well as when they take the lead.

Do not listen to everyone or everything

Take a stand and make decisions for your life as an active agent. Do not give your power and agency away by letting other people make decisions for you.

Be mindful of who and what you are listening to. Many famous people in the world were told at the start of their careers that they would be failures: Oprah Winfrey, Stephen Spielberg, Michael Jordan, Lady Gaga:

They were all told … that they didn’t have the potential for [their dreams] … that they are doing today, amazingly successfully. Thank goodness they didn’t listen because imagine the impact that they’re making that we would have lost if they listened. (Avital Miller)

Imagine the impact that each person in the world could make in pursuit of their dreams and ambitions if they chose not to listen to those who tell them that they cannot do it.

Willpower for your life

With the word “willpower” there’s also [the word] “willingness”, and when we have willingness it is easier to have willpower. (Avital Miller)

Being willing to live your life and be active in your experience can lend you the willpower to do challenging things. Willpower and discipline are the keys to carving out success in your life – you just have to be willing to live.

What is your reason to live? Studies have shown that severely ill patients often heal faster or better when they have something to live for. What is going to give you your willpower?

Do what you can do

Do what you can do and what is within your ability to make your life better, healthier, more joyful, and expansive.

Say yes to the things that inspire you, challenge you, and bring you joy.

Do what you can do within your realm of abilities to get to a healthier, happier place.

“What is the gift?”

What is the gift that you can learn from your own story?

It [comes] from their own story of having this challenge and then seeing themselves overcome it beyond what was expected and creating a gift to give to other people. (Avital Miller)

You do not have to deny the challenges that come up with health issues while you observe the wisdom that you can garner from having experienced them.

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Visit Avital Miller’s website

Connect with her on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn

Visit her Youtube Channel and listen to her Podcast, Healing Happens

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