Thoughts on Transforming Perspectives on Mental Illness: Interview With Dr. Fred Moss

Jun 8, 2022

How can we reshape the conversation around mental health diagnoses? Are communication and human connection the key to healing?

MEET Dr. Fred Moss

Dr. Fred Moss is a holistic psychiatrist serving in many capacities: telepsychiatrist, speaker, psychiatry expert witness, telehealth educator, mental health coach, and filmmaker. A desire to help people has been the force leading him to various settings and roles as a psychiatrist over the years and compelling him to continually look for better, more effective ways to provide the highest quality care. He is the amazing person behind Welcome To Humanity and Global Madness. 

What is a holistic strategy or technique you use as part of your daily practice? (if you have one)

Dr. Fred Moss, MD is the foremost expert on delivering your True Voice into the world so that it can heal. He is a true believer that your voice matters and your voice can heal. 


Find out more at Welcome to Humanity and connect with Dr. Moss on LinkedIn and Facebook.


  • Introduction to, “We The People Summit” 4:30
  • Shifting our outlook on conventional psychotherapy 7:47
  • A different approach to mental illness 12:57

Introduction to, We The People Summit”

  • How to become an influencer through finding our true voice
  • Learning to deliver an authentic message to an audience of any size
  • Embracing your true self and accepting criticism in a positive way

Shifting Our Outlook On Conventional Psychotherapy

  • Reshaping how we look at holistic approaches to mental health
  • Alternatives to allopathic medicine

A Different Approach To Mental Illness

  • Using conversation and connection to address mental illness
  • Adapting mental health diagnoses into a broader, more open conversation with clients 

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-Find out more about Won on Welcome To Humanity and connect with Dr. Moss


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