The Life Changing Benefits of Holistic Practices: Interview With L.A. Adkins

Jun 22, 2022

Can you achieve overall wellness through holistic practices? Can we overcome the challenges of self-exploration to reach our wellness goals?

MEET LA Adkins

LA uses she/her/hers pronouns and is a champion of solitude, storyteller, and mindfulness meditation guide. She is originally from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and relocated to Durham, North Carolina in 2015 where she currently practices as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Holistic Wellness Therapreneur and is the Founding Owner of Reconnect With You, PLLC, a private mental health practice. Her practice specializes in working with entrepreneurs, executives, and other professionals and focuses on helping others improve their understanding of and relationships with themselves. Some fun facts about LA are that she gifted the world with a TEDx talk on the power of solitude in healing from loss, shame, and trauma, and she is certified in sound healing. 

She firmly believes that one’s relationships and work with others are both an extension and reflection of the relationship one has with oneself. When she is not social work-ing, you might find her hitting the stage to perform at karaoke, pouring candles, mixologizing and learning to make new cocktails, and meditating, especially with her singing bowls, cooking, or writing poetry. She sends you sunshine!

Find out more at Reconnect With You and connect with LA Adkins on Instagram and Facebook 


  • What is a Mindful Meditation Guide? 5:49
  • Overcoming challenges within your practice 10:24
  • Integrating holistic practices into your everyday life 21:32

What Is A Mindful Meditation Guide?

  • What is the difference between a teacher and a guide?
  • Learning from each other and removing the hierarchy of traditional therapy

Overcoming Challenges Within Your Practice

  • How to give yourself permission to slow down
  • Balancing work and self-care in your practice
  • Setting intentions and allowing yourself to be in the moment

Integrating Holistic Practices Into Your Everyday Life

  • Giving yourself a way to connect with yourself and be grounded
  • Creating self-acceptance and accountability
  • Learning to trust yourself and the direction you are going


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-Find out more at Reconnect With You and connect with LA Adkins on Instagram and Facebook 

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