The Principles of Heartset and Mindset: Interview With Lauren Wingate

Jun 29, 2022

Can you achieve mental wellness by elevating your energy vibrations? Can revealing underlying thoughts free your mind from everyday stress?

MEET Lauren Wingate

Lauren mentors professionals (including CEOs and life coaches) who are stuck and struggling to break through to the next level of their businesses and personal lives.

Through her Gift of Vision, she reveals underlying thoughts that empower clients to free their minds from debilitating blocks of fear, stress, and other life issues. She teaches the principles of heartset and mindset – the Whole Being. Clients shift out of being “stuck” into taking ACTION in a short period of time.

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  • What is the gift of vision? 4:22
  • Heartset vs. Mindset 6:43
  • Energy transfer as a therapist 17:00
  • Helping business professionals and practices who feel “stuck,” to make positive changes 27:00

What is the Gift of Vision?

  • Integrity with the gift of vision
  • Providing tools for clients to understand how to shift their energy from visions

Heartset Vs. Mindset

  • Creating an environment that is very heart based for clients
  • Understanding whether you are in your head or in your heart
  • Incorporating mindset principles to shift our thoughts and bring more awareness to them
  • Breathing exercise walk-through to get you into heartset

Energy Transfer as a Therapist

  • How to go to a place of observation
  • Understanding how to control and protect your energy field
  • How do you know if you are allowing too much energy in from other people
  • Understanding the relationship between energy fields and therapist burn-out and compassion fatigue

Helping Business Professionals & Practices Who Feel “Stuck,” To Make Positive Changes

  • Tuning into client’s current mindset so they can begin their journey
  • Providing mindset tools to understand how our thoughts affect our view of the world

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Find out more at Lauren Wingate and connect with Lauren on Instagram and Facebook

 -The Untethered Soul by Michael A. Singer

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