Clinical Consultations as a Form of Support & Self-care for Therapists: Interview With Kathryn Esquer

Jul 6, 2022

Do you have somewhere to connect with other clinical therapists to stay up-to-date and on the right path for your practice? Are you connecting with other therapists who share the same challenges and goals as you?

MEET Kathryn Esquer

Dr. Kathryn Esquer is a Licensed Psychologist, MBA graduate, and founder of the Telethearpist Network, the only private consultation community for the next generation of therapists. Kathryn is passionate about eliminating isolation and burnout in the field of mental health. By prioritizing connection and community, the Teletherapist Network brings together forward-thinking therapists to create unparalleled success in their clinical skills, professional businesses, and personal lives. 

Find out more at The Teletherapist Network and connect with Kathryn on Instagram and Facebook 


  • What is the Teletherapist Network? 2:47
  • Sustaining an online network 8:24
  • Solving problems & getting questions answered in real time 15:17
  • How to protect patient confidentiality in consultation groups 21:14

What Is The Teletherapist Network?

  • What makes the Teletherapist Network different from a Facebook group?
  • How do the consultation groups for clinicians work?
  • What do you get out of being a member of the network?
  • What is included in the network masterclasses?

Sustaining an Online Network

  • Defining what community really is even on an online platform
  • How to create a safe online environment for others to connect
  • Who benefits from the Teletherapist Network the most
  • Creating a member-led and member-driven community

Solving Problems & Getting Questions Answered in Real-time

  • Utilizing the network as a form of self-care for therapists
  • Creating a space for clinicians to work through areas of struggle
  • Clinical skills and feedback in a safe confidential space

How to Protect Patient Confidentiality in Consultation Groups

  • Understanding and following state guidelines for clinicians
  • What is the process for becoming a member of the Teletherapist Network
  • The benefits of creating familiarity within consultation groups

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-Find out more at The Teletherapist Network and connect with Kathryn on Instagram and Facebook 

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