Steps For Helping Clients Manage Food Anxiety and Discover Food Freedom: Interview With Sara Duda

Jul 13, 2022

What is food anxiety and what is its root cause? Do you struggle to remove food anxiety from your everyday nutrition? 

MEET Sara Duda

I am Sarah and I am a certified Nutrition Coach who helps women manage their food anxiety. So many of us are faced with food anxiety in everyday situations. 

This food anxiety can come from social situations, diets that haven’t worked in the past, society, and food allergies/sensitivities. 

The truth is there is no “one size fits all” in nutrition. I work as your personal hype girl as I guide you on your journey. The goal is for you to feel

comfortable managing your food anxiety and feel at peace in finding your food freedom. 

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  • What is food anxiety? 2:40
  • Strategies for overcoming food anxiety 6:50
  • Setting Nutritional Goals 9:22
  • What is Food Freedom? 17:47

What Is Food Anxiety?

  • Understanding how food anxiety is different in every person
  • How to find healthy food swaps
  • Changing your mindset on the food you eat

Strategies For Overcoming Food Anxiety

  • How to create a personalized meal plan
  • Finding wins in your eating habits on a consistent basis
  • Coping with having setbacks on your healthy nutrition journey
  • Why a food journal is helpful for healthy eating

Setting Nutritional Goals

  • How to manage your goals
  • Favorite food swap recommendations
  • Dealing with food allergies
  • Meal planning strategy

What Is Food Freedom?

  • Learning to enjoy eating in a social environment
  • Resetting your eating habits after indulging without the guilt
  • How to recognize eating disorders


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-Find out more at Loving Nutritiously and connect with Sara on Facebook and Instagram

-Download Sara’s FREE guide to Eating Seasonally here!

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