Episode 72 How To Teach Meditation in Sessions: Solo Episode by Chris McDonald

Jul 20, 2022

Are you ready to integrate meditation into your practice? Are you unsure about how to start teaching clients how to meditate? 


  • What is meditation? 1:16
  • Figuring out the best way to teach meditation 5:25
  • What is Concentrative Meditation 11:38
  • What is Mindfulness Meditation? 19:35

What Is Meditation?

  • What meditation is NOT!
  • Overcoming obstacles by being consistent in your meditation practice
  • Engaging in the present moment without trying to change anything
  • What is the importance of meditation and the benefits from it

 Figuring Out The Best Way To Teach Meditation

  • The importance of setting up an invitation to your clients
  • Setting up the appropriate space for you and your client to begin the meditation process
  • Finding and practicing the appropriate voice for each client during guided meditation
  • Why it is important to let go of any projected outcome in guided meditation

What Is Concentrative Meditation?

  • Integrating sound into concentrative meditation
  • Teaching clients to use their breath as an anchor in concentrative meditation
  • Techniques for using Mantra in meditation
  • How to use an image in concentrative meditation

What Is Mindfulness Meditation?

  • What is “Noting?”
  • Noticing our thoughts without judgment
  • Using imagery in mindfulness meditation
  • Mindfulness meditation walkthrough


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