How To Start Your Own Meditation Practice: Solo Episode by Chris McDonald

Jul 27, 2022

Have you always wanted to start a daily meditation practice? Have you struggled to make meditation a daily habit? 


  • How to start your meditation practice 4:00
  • How to keep motivated while beginning your meditation practice 12:35
  • Strategies for staying on track with your meditation practice 14:43

How To Start Your Meditation Practice

  • How to integrate journaling into your meditation practice
  • How to create a space to meditate in
  • Choosing a time in your day to meditate and integrating it into your daily routine
  • What is intention setting and why it is so important?

 How To Keep Motivated While Beginning Your Meditation Practice

  • Why having an accountability partner is important in your practice
  • Set goals and reward yourself for your accomplishments
  • The importance of finding a mentor or group to guide you in your meditation journey
  • Creating reminders for yourself to practice meditation

Strategies For Staying On Track With Your Meditation Journey

  • Going back to your “intention,” when your meditation schedule gets thrown off
  • How to associate your meditation time with other daily routines
  • Keeping mediation fresh with different types of meditation
  • Different mediation tools and apps and how to integrate them into your meditation practice

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