Energy Art with Michele Lundstrom

Mar 18, 2022

Are you interested in energy art? What are some of the benefits of creating art with real crystals? How can you create energy art?


Michele Lundstrom is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor in private practice and an intuitive empath. She is also a Shamanic practitioner, Certified Advanced Chakredy® Practitioner, Reiki Master, Empath Coach, Teacher, and Energy artist.  Michele provides intuitive readings through your subtle energy (the chakras) to help identify and prioritize what your energy wants to bring to your awareness; as well as energetic imbalances and direct channeled healing energy to the chakras. She is a carrier of lightning medicine since she was struck by lightning a few years ago.

​Michele also offers coaching for empaths and intuitive medical and mental health professionals.

Visit Michele’s counseling website and see also Luminous Ignus.

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  • What is energy art? (07:20)
  • How do you create energy art? (08:29)
  • Orgonite crystals (13:16)

What is energy art?

It is not just about creating a piece of art, it’s about creating a piece of art that is infused frequency energy, and vibration. (Michele Lundstrom)

Energy art is founded on the science behind working with energy that has been compounded through crystals and metals that rest together in a resin.

They can help soothe energy blocks in the body, and have other incredible benefits.

How do you create energy art?

Michele may start an art session with an idea in mind, however, most of the art pieces come about through a process of letting go, and just seeing where the progress takes her.

In my paintings … I’m in a meditative space when I [create it]. I’m not thinking about what I’m going to create, I may have an image in my mind as I go into it, but it’s like the runners high. I go into that space and just paint. (Michele Lundstrom)

Practice letting go when you create energy art so that you can work with whatever energy comes through you instead of trying to organize everything mentally.

Use watercolors or alcohol inks because they are more difficult to control to help you work in a process of non-attachment, and letting go.

Orgonite crystals

When you have crystals and metals [in resin] with different metal and crystal powders it compacts that energy … [and] crystals vibrate, so you get the crystal that is vibrating and it’s compacted in that resin and releasing this [healing] energy. (Michele Lundstrom)

You can experience the benefits of orgonite combined with other healing crystals in resin when you hold them, or place them in your home, or around your room.

If you want to test the authenticity and strength of your orgonite crystals, place them in some water and freeze them.

If patterns form in the ice around the crystal, then you know that the crystal and its energy are real.

Some benefits of having orgonite near you or in your home include:

  • improved sleep
  • protection from overexposure to EMFs (electro-magnetic frequencies)
  • better mood regulation
  • feelings of peace and relaxation

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Visit Michele’s counseling website and see also Luminous Ignus

Connect with Michele on Facebook, Instagram, and Psychology Today

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