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I wanted to create a page for you where you can access resources that I love and could be helpful for you in your practice and holistic journey.

Please note that some of products on this page are affiliate links, which means that I’ll receive a small commission from the maker of the product if you choose to buy it through the links on this page.  Please know that I value the trust you’ve placed in me, am very protective of our field, and will never recommend a product that I don’t believe in just to earn some income.  There’s no extra cost to you if you choose to buy through the links.  I’m grateful for your support and use the income to continue to provide hi-quality content and to offset the costs of running the Holistic Counseling Podcast.

Holistic Intake forms

Having great intake forms are an essential part of building a relationship with your clients. I researched for hours to finally piece together the assessment forms that come from a holistic lens. This will help align with who you are as a Holistic Practitioner. 

I wanted to create a complete holistic picture of where the clients are to set the foundation for treatment planning. It takes a lot of time to create an integrative holistic intake form. Fortunately I did all the back work for you!

I also found most lack a separate form for children and teens so I created this in addition to my Adult Holistic Intake forms. 

These forms have it all!   Included are a Full assessment/intake questions unique to  Holistic Counseling including questions about physical issues, mental concerns and spiritual questions not found in your typical assessment intake forms.  This saves you time from having to create your own and streamlines the process. 

You get a PDF fillable form and a Word document of the forms to allow you to easily copy and paste into your EHR and add your own logo at the top. You can delete what you don’t need and keep what works. It saves you so much time and effort!  Get yours today!

All for $29.95

Use code: holisticform4u to get 10% off today

Forms are divided into Adult or Child/Adolescent of you can bundle both for more of a discount.

Adult Holistic Intake Form
Child/Teen Holistic Intake Form
Bundle of Both Adult and Child/Teen Intake Form

My Book

Self-Care for the Counselor

Self-Care for the Counselor is the go-to guide for Counselors to learn holistic self-care practices to create a healthier life. Being a Counselor can be very stressful and draining; we offer attention, empathy, and care to our clients daily. We often teach clients about self-care strategies.

Yet, many Counselors struggle to integrate skills to focus on themselves and avoid burnout. In this book Counselors will be guided towards healthy coping to find balance in their lives. This book offers easy to use strategies to properly address issues of body, mind and spirit.

These strategies are practical, easy to integrate into your daily routines, and profoundly beneficial. This book helps Counselors create a plan for optimal health through the development of healthy sleep routines, starting a meditation practice, increasing motivation to exercise, strategies for managing and clearing energy, and much more. Self-Care for the Counselor is the book you have been needing to find balance and renewed energy for your work as a Counselor

Affiliate Links


Hushmail protects your clients by adding encryption to your emails, web forms and e-signatures. It’s secure, HIPAA-compliant, and I’ve used it for years and love it. They have amazing customer service and keep everything secure for you.

Hushmail is easy to set up and use. Send your first encrypted email today, and set up a secure online intake form in minutes


Have you wanted to start your own podcast?  Captivate gives you the freedom and flexibility to make podcasting yours. Create and distribute unlimited podcasts, get advanced analytics, monetize and promote in one simple, easy-to-use dashboard.

I host my podcast with Captivate, the world’s only growth-oriented podcast host™ – you can too, and get your first 7-days totally free! #podcasting

Marketing your Private Practice

Starting a private practice is hard! In this course you will  learn everything you need to know to effectively market your private practice. Including types of marketing, how to optimize your website, paid advertising and how to create a quarterly marketing plan.  All this for only $97!

Podcast Launch School

Podcast Launch School is the industry leading podcast training. PLS helps you refine your message, create a funnel, strategically grow, and position yourself to have a profitable podcast. In Podcast Launch School you will:  Have a step-by-step plan for positioning your podcast to grow and grow in influence and impact faster than your peers.

If this sounds good, sign up for Podcast Launch School today!

Holistic Happy Hour


On the 4th Wednesday of each month from 7:00pm EST to 8:00pm, Chris hosts a Virtual Holistic Happy Hour!  Bring your favorite beverage to unwind and connect with other like-minded individuals online.  Meet other providers from around the US and this is a great opportunity to share resources!  It’s always a fun time to release stress and be present.  Come join this thriving and growing Holistic Community!


Ready to join us?

Be sure to RSVP at holisticcounselingrsvp@gmail.com

In Person Holistic Happy Hours

With the COVID 19 pandemic number of cases decreasing, there will be some in person Holistic Happy Hours around the Triangle area of NC. What an amazing gift it will be to connect in person and build a local Holistic community.

Prior in person events included Happy hour at Clouds Brewing downtown Raleigh.  Future event locations I am looking into :  Wellness Center, Wine & Paint and Local Brewery.   Stay tuned here for upcoming events.

Send an email to holisticcounselingrsvp@gmail.com and you will be added to our email list to get the most up to date information on upcoming events.  (I promise you won’t be spammed!)


The Holistic Counseling Podcast Holistic Happy Hour with Chris is so much fun. A group of us counselors meet usually once a month via Zoom, where we talk about a variety of different Holistic Modalities that we incorporate in our practice. It is so interesting to share our techniques with each other, while meeting new people that also have a love for Holistic Remedies and how effective they are when incorporated with our Counseling sessions. I encourage you to join us. We’d love to get to meet you!

Angela Santiago

Holistic Provider, www.angelasantiago.com

Chris has helped me so much.  The Holistic Counseling Podcast offers great tips and resources on incorporating mindfulness in my work with clients, and the Happy Hours are a fun way to build my network and get support.

Dakia Davis

Clinical Social Worker and Therapist, www.healingjourneync.com

For being a Listener you have access to my

“Becoming a Holistic Counselor”

Are you wanting to add Holistic strategies to your practice but are unsure how to get started?
Is it hard to decide which ones you connect most with?
Are you worried about not being taken seriously as a Holistic Counselor?

This Free email course addresses all of these concerns in an easy to navigate, simple to use and packed with tips on creating a Holistic, Integrative practice.  The course addresses the following:

  • What is Holistic Counseling?
  • What kind of Holistic Counselor do I want to be?
  • How to start with Yoga in therapy with a FREE yoga practice you can share immediately with clients
  • How to manifest the Holistic Practice through journaling and a Free Guided Meditation
  • Strategies to boost your confidence in teaching holistic tools to clients
  • What training you need and don’t need to get started
Ready to start your Holistic Journey?